Meet the smartest, most curious, most exact trouble spotter in the surveillance business.

(Yes, it’s a machine, a very intelligent machine.)

How many times have you heard the words, ‘the human factor?’ And how many times was it not an excuse for something that went wrong?

Let’s face it, we humans are fallible. To err is human, as they say. And maybe that’s a good thing. But not in the security business. Here, the goal is a zero fail rate, something nobody comes closer to than Irisity. (Which is why, for instance, we confidently offer our customers a no-false-alarm guarantee – free of charge.)

Basic problem: data overload. The poor humans whose job it is to monitor a typical large CCTV system – ten screens, a thousand cameras – are exposed to 4,000,000,000,000! pixels over 24 hours. Four trillion!

This is the problem Irisity has solved. And the solution is based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning coupled with vigilant human input.


How it works

For starters, nobody sits and stares day-long at a screen where nothing is happening. But when a camera does capture movement, an eight-second sequence is shown to the operator. He or she then decides, in real time, whether it’s human activity or not – eight seconds is ample time for that – and lets the system know. And if it’s a crime in progress, the operator also sounds the alarm

Too simplistic? Let’s get back to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The “thinking part” of our system comprises nine patented algorithms (with four more pending). So far we’ve invested SEK sixty million into developing and programming these algorithms and the work continues.

  • Cloud based solution
  • Network of alarm centrals
  • Active surveillance
  • Anonymized surveillance
  • Weather proof
  • Detects flames

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An ever growing knowledge bank

Every single time an operator determines that there’s human activity in the camera sequence, these specific pixel combinations are also added to the knowledge bank. Thus, the system simply keeps getting smarter and smarter and learns to recognize and pass on only what’s interesting in any given picture. And blacking out the parts that are not. Which means the operator only has to deal with truly confirmed human activity. You don’t get more efficient than that.

And now for the really good part. Irisity has been doing this in Scandinavia for ten years. For more than 350 companies. The information that has been processed by our algorithms to date and incorporated into our proprietary knowledge bank is vast (an understatement). And while you read this, it grew yet another bit.

Detecting human activity is an almost inhuman task, which is why we’ve turned to intelligent software for help.

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